Plentiful Treasure Slots

Two things that pretty much everyone needs more of in this life are money and fun. With Plentiful Treasure Slots, you can get a lot of fun and maybe some of the extra money you really need, too. This is where you can get both extra money and extra fun.


Like all slots games, this one is filled with beautiful graphic images and it's built around a bold, vibrant design. Plentiful Treasure Slots is full of sensational Chinese art and style that practically leaps off the screen. There's so much to see, it's hard to know where to look.

The reels on the game board are full of lucky symbols and images. You will see golden teapots, gold statues, letters and numbers, jewelry and pretty golden trinkets. The design is distinctly Chinese and the symbols that appear on your screen just might be lucky for you.

Designing Slots

Slots games have been around for what seems like for ever. Like many other slots games, Plentiful Treasure Slots has five reels and three rows of different images and symbols that can line up along the many pay lines.

In this slots game, the background is a bold red that adds a lot of vibrancy. You will see red and gold everywhere, beautiful colors that make it easy to look at this game board for many, many spins of the reels.

Winning Jackpots

One extra feature that this slots game has that you won't always find with slots is the jackpots. There are four different random, progressive jackpots that you might win at any time. So even if the symbols aren't lining up on the reels, you can still win a big jackpot at any moment. Play to win the mini, minor, major or grand jackpot.

Getting Big Payouts

If getting big payouts and winning big money is your thing, you will find reasons to love this game. They don't call it Plentiful Treasure Slots for nothing. Hit a scatter symbol and it acts as a wild card, multiplying the possible payout you will get. Look for golden symbols, because all of these have the potential to trigger a much bigger payout and give you a much bigger reward.

Finding Plentiful Treasure Slots

Are you ready to find your own plentiful treasure? Look online for casinos that offer digital gaming and slot machine-style games. If you can find online casinos that have slots games, you will find Plentiful Treasure slots.