Best Bingo Rooms

As we begin our journey across the spectrum of Bingo games, Sunshine Bingo will be your guide to the best online Bingo sites we can find. We will provide you with comprehensive reviews of the top Bingo sites for US players along with promotions offered. You know, Bingo has been around for centuries. While you may play at Bingo Halls in your home state, you will find that online Bingo offers some of highest payouts, bonuses, prizes, and promotions that you will not only find attractive, but exciting as well.

The History of Bingo

The word “bingo” is derived from a lottery game first played in Italy in the year 1530. Subsequently, when it reached the shores of the US, it became known as “beano.” In fact, beano was devised by a gentleman named Edwin Lowe who discovered this game in 1929 Atlanta at a traveling carnival. The game was played with dried beans, sheets of cardboard, and a rubber stamp. Mr. Lowe then traveled to New York and began introducing this new game to friends. During one of these games, a friend was so excited to win that he screamed “Bingo!” Hence, the Bingo game was duly named. After two decades, Bingo became the game to play across the US.

Best Bingo Sites Online

Among the hundreds of Bingo sites available online today, we begin our journey by introducing you to several of the top 8 Bingo sites. They include: Bingo Hall: Online since 2002, Bingo Hall is touted as the best online Bingo in the world! With a 150% bonus on the first two deposits, Bingo Hall also offers new players an opportunity to play Bingo by giving them a $5 trial bonus. They also have a VIP Program, Chat Specials, and daily promotions.

Vic’s Bingo: With a 150% bonus on the first two deposits along with a $5 no deposit trial play, Vic’s Bingo features Progressive Bingo, and daily promotions including Moonlight Madness promotion. In operation since 2002, Vic’s Bingo is owned by the Winward Gaming Group and is best known for its free bingo games! Bingo Mania: Offering a myriad of daily bonuses including a 300% sign-up bonus along with $5 in free play, Bingo Mania rewards new players with prizes, loyalty bonuses, and a 250% bonus for funding your account with eWalletXpress, daily free bonuses, birthday bonuses, and more.

Red Card Bingo: With a 500% bonus on the first deposit AND a $10,000 Giveaway in progress, Red Card Bingo is very unique as it features some very interesting promotions and entertainment news as well. IN fact, their promotions page is filled with exciting events you will want to participate in when you join this favorite Bingo site.

USA Bingo: Touted as “America’s Favorite Online Bingo Site,” USA Bingo has the largest array of promotions we have ever seen. From $1000 weekly bonuses to $10,000 pleasure pots; this is one Bingo site you must join! In fact, USA Bingo will give you $30 free just to try their Bingo games! In addition, receive a 250% sign-up bonus, and up to 300% re-deposit bonuses as well as a 50% cash back guarantee!

Desperate Housewives Bingo: Based on the TV series of the same name, you will love this Bingo site immediately! It’s fun, whimsical, and offers new players a 250% sign-up bonus, plus a 50% cash back guarantee, and up to a 300% redeposit bonus! Play Blackout Bingo, Speed Bingo, Hard Luck Diner Bingo, and more.

WTG Bingo: This is yet another stunning site offering daily specials, monthly specials, Wonderland Specials, and a 300% sign up bonus on all deposits, and $20 free just to try their bingo games. In addition, you will receive a 25% bonus for using eWalletXpress to fund your account.

Gone Bingo: With a 300% sign up bonus, a 350% redeposit bonus, and $20 free to try their bingo games, Gone Bingo offers daily, weekly, and monthly promotions! They also feature Tuesday Raffles! Their daily specials are enticing, and they guarantee an ultimate online bingo experience!