Bingo Going Mobile!

There is no doubt that online bingo is growing very quickly and that only a few years ago it was serviced by just a few operators whilst now every major player in the gaming world offers bingo and there are new and exciting bingo rooms opening up each and every month. It's now somewhat of a priority with some companies and at last it is being taken a lot more seriously than it was just a short while ago. With an ever increasing amount of players and bingo players wants and needs being heard yet more effort is being put into making bingo a premier product. This means of course it simply has to go mobile! Playtech is one development company that is helping lead the way into the new era of online bingo and has recently teamed up with Betfred Bingo to get a mobile version on the market. Also moving into the mobile arena are bingo giants 888 who have announced a deal with Swedish company Net Entertainment and together they will be bringing online bingo to a mobile device near you very soon. 888 are one of the largest operators in the world and run quite a few bingo sites and it will be interesting to see how many go mobile. With seemingly everyone now owning a smartphone or tablet most bingo operators simply have to go mobile to keep up with the competition. It has been a growing area in both sports betting and online casino and there is absolutely no reason why bingo will not follow in that way.