It's Not Just Bingo

Bingo is a great online game that can be played and in recent years has become even more popular due to the number of sites you can play at and of course the different variations of the game and what it offers.

Two Main Types of Bingo Games

Most Bingo houses and online casinos that offer Bingo, will give you the chance to play either 75 ball bingo or 90 ball Bingo. 75 Ball Bingo uses a card that has 25 spaces and the card is arranged in a 5x5 square. 90 Ball Bingo uses a card or ticket as it is sometimes called with 9 columns and 3 rows, on each row 5 squares have numbers randomly placed. A 90 ball Bingo game has a base of 90 numbers which are called at random and a 75 ball game has a base of 75 numbers which are called at random. At many Bingo rooms and casinos, a player can buy into as many cards as he wants i.e. run a number of cards through each game. Games start at certain times or when there are enough players to join the game. You can register your name and buy your cards and then wait for notification that a game is starting.

Special Promotions and Prizes for Bingo Games

Many Bingo houses and casinos offer much more than just a game of Bingo. In addition to a great game that is fun to play and can be very rewarding you can take advantage of the special offers that they give at the beginning of the game. Special offers vary from casino to casino and can include free money when you sign up, special reload bonuses and even daily promotions to encourage you to play. In addition you can win special prizes that can include weekends away or even free entries into different tournaments. The ranges of special promotions that you can choose with a Bingo game are endless.

The Social Side of Bingo

But promotions are only a part of the package you can receive when you play Bingo online. There are chat rooms where you can chat with like minded players during game and between games when you are waiting for a new game to start. These chat rooms are monitored and totally secure and safe but it is recommended that you don't use your true name and give out any personal details. The chat rooms offer a fantastic social aspect to an already exciting game. By using the auto dab feature which is offered at many Bingo games, you can let the computer mark off your winning numbers and enjoy the social aspect of the game while your numbers are being marked.

Range of Bingo and Other Casino Games

All good Bingo rooms will offer more than one type of game and some even run up to 10 games at any one time. You can even find progressive Bingo games where you can be in with a chance to win a large progressive jackpot. Many Bingo rooms are associated with online casinos and in addition to the Bingo game you can also try your luck at any number of the online casino games. Bingo games together with online casino games can be downloaded or you can choose the instant version where you play directly from the web browser of the casino with no time wasted. When you log on to a game of Bingo you are getting much more than just a simple game of Bingo, you are getting a whole experience with social and economical advantages as well.