Bingo Bucks

Bingo Bucks is a fun and different new specialty game offered by Vegas Technology. It can be found at various Vegas Technology casinos including the hot new Liberty Slots Casino.

What's a Bingo Bucks?

Bingo Bucks is part bingo, part poker and part slot game, all tumbled together into a fun and creative new game. It is easy to play and understand and to play and, as with all online games, all the scoring is handled automatically, so players will never miss a winning combo.

Bingo Bucks Symbols

Using the traditional B-I-N-G-O letters from the old style Bingo games as a start, Bingo Bucks adds a collection of random extras to the mix to keep the play interesting. Clowns, palm trees, angels, treasure chests and piggy banks are some of the fun images used in the numerous winning combinations.

Bingo Bets

The minimum coin value in Bingo Bucks is 25¢ all the way up to $5. Since there are 12 paylines, which makes the minimum bet on all lines a modest $3 up to $60 per play at the high end. As a result, this game will be appealing to many levels of player from the casual to the moderate risk player.

Bingo Winnings

As with slot games, combinations of various symbols have different payout amounts.

  • Any two pairs pays 5 coins
  • Any three-of-a-kind pays 6 coins
  • Full House (three-of-a-kind and two-of-a-kind) pays 10 coins
  • Any four-of-a-kind pays 12 coins
  • B-I-N, I-N-G or N-G-O pays 25 coins
  • B-I-N-G or I-N-G-O pays 50 coins
  • Any five-of-a-kind pays 100 coins
  • B-I-N-G-O pays 1000 coins

With a 1000 coin jackpot, the maximum payout has the potential of being worth $5000! That is a generous incentive to any player to give Bingo Bucks a try.

Try Bingo Bucks Tonight

Bingo Bucks is a terrific new game, and it is a great variant of traditional slots, poker and bingo. It makes for a great break from traditional slot games and it is a fun and rewarding game in its own right. The graphics are great with animated Bingo balls that move into position and clear again at the conclusion of each hand. This is a game not to be missed.

So head on over to your favorite Vegas Technology casino, get settled in your favorite play station and give Bingo Bucks a try tonight! It is a fun and rewarding game that you will not regret.