Cash Back and Penny Bingo at Virgin!

Not only have Virgin Games launched a whole new look they have also thrown a fair few brand new online bingo promotions. First up we have a cash back bonus every Tuesday. It's great to play along in the knowledge that you can get some of your cash back should you have a bad day and now Virgin Bingo are giving you just that. Every Tuesday at Virgin you will get a cool 20% of all of your losses back. To activate the promotion all you need to do is visit the cashier and enter the bonus code "20TUESDAY". It's a great promo in that in gives all players the chance to pay games for a higher card amount than they would usually play, experiencing something different! Every single day at Virgin you should be playing the Enterprise 90 games and taking advantage of Virgin's generosity. Each day between 9 and 10 am, then again between 7 and 8 pm it's Buy One Get One Free time! This is another great promo and with the two time slots you have a choice of when to play and get the rewards.

Penny Bingo and More

Sometime being cheap is a good thing! Every single Monday at Virgin Bingo, log in and play the awesome penny bingo. That's right folks, The Marrakesh Room is the place to head to and the time to be there is 6 pm. The action continues through the evening and you can enjoy all of your bingo for just one penny. Another great promotion that keeps everyone happy and the rooms buzzing, so get over those Monday blues with Virgin Bingo. If you are not a member of Virgin games then sign up now and make the most of the amazing welcome, daily and weekly bonuses that are throw your way. They have an amazing amount of games as well as Bingo and there's something for everyone.