Fortunate Buddha Slots

When you gamble your money, you know always know that you stand a chance of losing it all. But what if your money could be working for you even when you're losing at gambling? Fortunate Buddha Slots has multiple progressive jackpots that you could win at any moment. That means even when you're losing at the game, you're still playing to win a huge jackpot. Everyone wants to hit a huge jackpot. Otherwise, why gamble at all?

Tapping Into Ancient Wisdom

This slots game is based on the images and symbols associated with ancient Chinese art and style. You will notice the distinct look of this slots game and you will recognize many of the different symbols that appear on the reels. Lucky symbols and colors associated with Chinese culture fill up the game board. Considering all the different ways there are to win and the multiple jackpots that are available to win, this game just might be truly fortunate for you indeed.

A Fortunate Design

The design of this game definitely makes you think about Chinese art and design. The background of the game board features a body of water with flowers drifting on it. Tall, flowering trees fill up both sides of the screen and in the center, you will silhouettes of Chinese architecture and a beautiful blue sky. The soft colors and classic design elements create a sense of soothing and restful calm.

Hitting It Big

The reels of this slots game are full of different graphics and images. You will see golden buddha statues, pink lotus flowers, bags of gold, different letters and numbers, turtles and a few different wild cards.

How About Those Jackpots?

One feature of this slots game that players love is the jackpots. Yes, that is jackpots plural. As in, you get multiple chances at getting a big amount of money.

There are five different progressive jackpots you might win: mini, minor, major, grand and super grand. This is the truly lucky sign you've been looking for. Keep playing and you increase your chances to winning big with every moment.

Looking for Luck With Fortunate Buddha Slots

Are you ready to test your luck and find your fortune? You will find Fortunate Buddha Slots at online casinos of all kinds. If it has online slots games, there's a chance you will find this popular game there. Just look for the golden buddhas, and you've found Fortunate Buddha Slots.