Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Of course you're a pretty law-abiding person. But everyone has seen a cool heist movie or maybe played a fun video game involving complicated crimes and everyone has daydreamed about what it would be like to rob a bank. With Cash Bandits 3 Slots, you can enjoy some of the thrill and imagery of robbing a bank...all without breaking the law.

Crime Free Fun

This is a classic slots game with a mechanic you will recognize. Cash Bandits 3 Slots has a traditional five-reel design with three rows. There are 25 pay lines and lots of different winning combinations you can find. The design and images you see will be very familiar. This fun slots game is built around a theme of cops and robbers. The best part, it's all legal!

The Design

The bank building itself is in the background of this slots game. The gameboard plays out on a stunning royal blue field where the reels spin around, landing on different graphic images you will recognize. You will see images associated with both cops and robbers, those two classic enemies.

You will see frosted donuts and police badges, newspapers and police cars and of course, bags of money and piles of cash. You might even see one of the robbers or be confronted by one of the police. The images are pretty and vivid, designed with bright colors and a very fun and classic look.

The Gameplay

This is a straightforward slots game in many aspects but you will also find bonuses as you play. Land on wild cards like the crime scene, the wild robber or the policeman and you might get multipliers that increase your payouts.

If you line up the right matching symbols, you will unlock the vault. That means you can win an even bigger jackpot.

Breaking the Bank

In addition to all the other wins that are possible, you might hit the minor or major jackpot and really score a big win. It's practically robbery!

How to Play Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Ready to rob the online casino of all the cash they've got? Well, figuratively speaking of course. Find Cash Bandits 3 Slots at online casinos. You will find this slots game at online casinos that have a lot of slots, especially the ones that feature new slots games as they come out. Go looking for Cash Bandits and you could loot yourself a bunch of cash. It should be a crime to have this much fun.