Fortunate Rabbit Slots

In Chinese culture, animals have a lot of power and influence. You've heard of Year of the Monkey, Year of the Rabbit and so on. The rabbit is one of the luckiest creatures in Chinese culture. Fortunate Rabbit Slots is designed around symbols of luck and classic images from Chinese art and imagery. The beautiful colors and classic imagery practically jump right off the screen. Will the rabbit be a lucky symbol for you when you play this slots game?

Finding a Fortune

Everyone dreams of hitting it big, winning a lot of money, getting really lucky one day. This is why the casino is so appealing. What's more interesting than playing a game and possibly winning a whole lot of money?

This is why slots casino games are so extremely popular. You don't have to know a lot of strategies or remember a lot of winning combinations to win at slots. Casino games like poker and blackjack require a ton of strategy and skill but slots, that's just a fun, fast-paced way to win money.

The good news is, you can win a lot of money with Fortunate Rabbit Slots.

How to Make a Fortune at Slots

Fortunate Rabbit Slots gives players lots of ways to win. There are 15 pay lines that line up across five reels and three rows. There are some huge payment multipliers available through this game. You can potentially hit a 50,000 times multiplier. That's positively enormous. In fact, it's a fortune.

Extra Winning Energy

You can even trigger some extra winning energy. If you get the rabbit, you can win up to 15 free spins. If you see the potion symbol three times on the game board, you will get three extra spins in addition to a cash reward.

Playing the Game

The game itself is filled with soft shades of pink, gold, purple and blue. Floating lanterns drift by in the background, which is filled with pretty Chinese architecture.

Classic symbols from Chinese culture fill up the game reels. While you play, you will see fortune cookies, bonsai trees, glowing lanterns and the lucky rabbit itself, along with some other beautiful graphics.

Where to Find Fortunate Rabbit Slots

Ready to start playing this slots game? Look for Fortunate Rabbit Slots at online casinos that have different types of slot games to play. This is a popular game that many players enjoy and the big payouts make it a favorite among online casino layers. Seek out this game at online casinos and see if you're fortunate enough to find the lucky rabbit.