Legendary Luck Slots

Legendary Luck Slots used gorgeous design, beautiful colors and a whole lot of winning combinations to draw players into this slots-style game. You can test your luck while playing this game and watch your luck improve as your chances to win increase the more you play. This game mixes standard slot game mechanics with little bonuses and extras that are sure to delight any slots player.

Playing the Game

There are 243 different ways to win with Legendary Luck Slots, which is truly a staggering number of possibilities. As you unlock additional ways to win through playing the game, that number jumps up to more than 78,000 ways to win.

Legendary Game Design

This slots game has a clear Asian-inspired design. You will find many different images and well-known figures from Asian legends on the game board. Panda Bear is the hero, accompanied by birds, frogs and a fox. Beautiful mountains, trees and Asian architecture fill up the background.

Shades of jade green and soft pink fill up the game board, which also features familiar letters and numbers, along with some other gorgeous symbols. This game definitely catches the eye and it will hold attention.

The Mechanics

This is a classic five-reel slot game with three rows. This is a standard slots design but the beautiful gameboard itself stands out thanks to the bright colors and beautiful images.

Use the option to speed up or slow down the game. You can also make use of the auto-spin feature to watch the reels spin on their own without clicking for a new spin every single time.

Casino Slots

Casino slot games are actually more than a century old. The first slot machine was invented in the late 1800s and ever since, slots have been one of the biggest draws for any casino. It's always easy to find the slot machines whether you're at a real world or online casino because this is where many players want to go first. Legendary Luck has all the elements people like about slots game, with extra features that make this particular slot game stand out.

Looking for Legendary Luck Slots

Where can you find Legendary Luck Slots? Look for this game at online casinos of all kinds, because these casinos carry a lot of slots games. Go try your luck and see if the reels fall in your favor. Go in search of your legendary luck and you just might find it!