Spring Wilds Slots

Are you one of those people who goes wild for spring? No matter how short it is, winter always feels too long. When spring finally arrives, it's refreshing and rejuvenating. The pretty colors, the wonderful sights and scents of new life growing, the baby animals. What's not to like about spring? All the best colors and images of the season have been captured in Spring Wilds Slots. This game has adorable graphics, lots of different ways to win and all the slots game fun that any player could ask for.

The Wild Design

The design of Spring Wilds Slots is made to draw you in immediately. The background of the game looks like a fantasy world where the buildings are made of candy and the marshmallows grow on trees. The game board itself has classic, standard slots design. You will see five reels and three rows filled with squares. The images that appear in the squares have a delightful design The more matching symbols you see, the greater your chances to win get.

The Reels

The graphics you will find on the reels bring everything good about the spring season to life. You will see baby chicks, bunny rabbits, baskets of eggs and delicious sweets shaped like doughnuts and other treats. If your luck is really good, you will see the wild cards that give you free games and other fun perks.

Winning Game

There are 25 pay lines, which means there are lots and lots of different combinations you can hit that will give you money and free spins. When you hit scatter symbols and certain other symbols, you have the chance to get some pretty big bonus multipliers. Get five Easter bunnies and your payout will be multiplied by 600 times. How's that for winning?

Collecting the Extras

The best part of spring for children is the Easter bunny. Kids love getting baskets full of teats, after all. But adults like treats, too. Spring Wilds Slots has a lot of treats for you. You can trigger a re-spin feature that give you a chance to hit bonuses for extra payouts. If you hit at least three scatters, you could trigger up to 20 free games.

Find Winning Combinations with Spring Wilds Slots

If you can find online casinos, you can find Spring Wilds Slots. Many different online casinos have this slot games and lots more to choose from when you're feeling lucky. Look for online casinos that have newer and popular slots games and you won't have any trouble finding this spring-themed slots game.