Khrysos Gold Slots

Legends from ancient Greece and Rome continue to be interesting and thrilling even in the modern era. Stories of cyclops, giants, gods who create lightning and summon monsters, great warriors and great villains...what's not to like? Khrysos Gold Slots uses the images and design from that ancient world to create an enchanting, engaging game that players will be drawn to right away. The design, gameplay and extra features will interest die-hard slots players and new slots players alike.

The Extras

This game has several little extras that will please serious slots players. There are 20 pay lines on every single spin of the reels, which means there are 20 possibilities for you to win money. Not bad.

There is also a free game feature and a jackpot bonus feature that gives players the chance to get extra rewards. The free game feature is totally random and awards players up to 12 free spins of the reels.

The Design

Khrysos Gold Slots has the look of ancient Greek and Roman art. Two tall statues stand on either side of the game board, which is a standard five-reel slots board. There are three rows. The gameboard itself is covered with familiar letters from the alphabet and heroes and myths from Greek and Roman legends. You will see dragons and cyclops, great heroes and maybe even a god or two, along with symbols for free games and other rewards.

The Look

The colors you will see most often when playing this game are dark green, dark red and gold, a beautiful combination that makes the game easy to play for hours and hours at a time. There is a free play option, so you can play without risking real money. If you do want to play with real money, choose that option instead.

The Story

The story of this slots game is that you are in ancient Athens, a center of culture and learning in the Greco-Roman world. You are seeking the ancient treasures hidden in the city. There are many ways to win with this game, so you just might get the riches you're seeking.

Finding Khrysos Gold Slots

Where can you play this slots game? Look for Khrysos Gold Slots at any online casino. This is a popular and newer slots game, so you will find it at any online casino that has a lot of slots games for players to enjoy. Seek it out and you just might find your treasure.