Fortunate Zeus Slots

Ancient Greeks said that Zeus ruled the world from Mount Olympus. The god of lightning, Zeus is the father or brother of many of the other gods and goddesses in Greek myth, famous figures like Ares and Hades. Fortunate Zeus Slots helps you call upon the power of Zeus and all the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus to seek out a big win. Who knows? You just might be lucky enough to see lightning strike twice.

In Search of the Gods

This is a beautiful slots game with a design that should be familiar to regular slots players. There are five reels and three rows and they are absolutely full of beautiful colors, animations and images that will be familiar to any fan of Greek mythology and thrilling stories. The legends of the past come to life in this game.

You will see Zeus himself of course, along with other gods and goddesses you will recognize. Lightning bolts, letters and winning bonus images will greet your eyes when you play this game.

Ways to Win

This slots game has 50 pay lines. That means if matching symbols line up across one of these 50 lines, you win. Sound good? It gets better.

You will find many bonus multipliers when you're playing this game. In fact, you get huge bonuses for lining up three, four and five symbols on a pay line. You might get a bonus of up to 300 times. That happens when Zeus appears five times across a pay line. He is the most mighty of the Greek gods, after all.

Bonuses and Extras

When three or more scatter symbols appear, you get free spins. Look for the blank orbs and the lightning, and that's when you know you're getting bonuses and good rewards.


They say that the gods and goddesses reward humans on Earth. There are multiple progressive jackpots to win when you're playing this game. The jackpots come in all sizes and you don't have to do anything special to win them but lay games. You might just hit a mini, minor, major, grand or super grand jackpot just for having fun and playing slots.

Search for the Gods With Fortunate Zeus Slots

Look for Fortunate Zeus Slots anywhere you can find online casinos. Any online casino that has slots games is likely to have this one. Fortunate Zeus is one of the most popular online slots games.