Desert Raider Slots

The mysteries of ancient Egypt have captivated scientists, storytellers and people throughout history. There is stuff in Egypt that is so old, even Egyptians of 2,000 years ago had no idea who had built some of the monuments surrounding them. The incredible tombs, the riches buried beneath the sands, frightening tales about curses and the ancient pharaohs who ruled like's all fascinating stuff. And you will find all of this wrapped into the design and imagery of Deter Raider Slots.

Visiting Ancient Egypt

The symbols and images of ancient Egypt fill up this game, creating a sense of enchantment and mystery that adds another level of thrill and another layer to the overall gameplay

The design of this slots game is based on a color palette that evokes desert art and imagery. You will see a lot of rich jewel tones like jade green, magenta pink and royal glue, along with shining gold accents.

Playing the Game

This is a five-reel, three-row slots game with lots of different pay lines, so you get many chances to win with each spin. The game board itself is full of various common images that capture the designs and looks of ancient Egypt. You will see jade statues and other treasures on the game board, along with common Egyptian symbols and well-known letters and numbers.

Click the button to spin the wheel and see if the reels line up in your favor. Should the same symbol line up in a row, you will win!

Playing the Slots

Casinos, both real-world and online, carry a huge selection of slot games because players always gravitate toward these games. Desert Raider Slots captures everything players like about slots games.

Gameplay Options

Choose how you want to play this slots game by customizing your bet and choosing your speed. There are two different speeds to choose from. You can even choose to let the reels spin around for you. Choose to auto-spin the reels five, 10, 25, 50 or 100 times. You can even choose to spin the reel and infinite number of times.

Playing Desert Raider Slots

Desert Raider Slots has a great look and theme combined with easy gameplay and classic slots action. Players who enjoy slot-style games won't have many complaints about Desert Raider. Find this game at online casinos of all kinds. If they have slots, there's a good chance they will have this slots game.