Tarot Destiny Slots

Are you ready to discover your destiny? Many people turn to tarot cards to learn more about what the future might hold. These mysterious, beautiful cards seem to hold secret power and knowledge. Tarot Destiny Slots taps into that ancient power and into the beauty of classic tarot imaging to bring you a game that's full of enchantment and possibilities. Spin the reels and see what your future ends up bringing to you.

Finding Your Destiny

Tarot Destiny Slots uses a pleasing color scheme and mystical symbols to create a game that will bring you into a world of magic and enchantment. The game board itself looks like a tarot card reader's cabin. There are flickering candles in the background, swaying curtains and fabrics and at the center, a table with a crystal ball.

The scene is set and the stage is ready. How will your destiny play out here? The only way to find out is to try your own luck and test your skills with this slots game. Will the cards fall in your favor, so to speak?

The Symbols

Tarot Destiny Slots is a five reel slots game with three tows. And as those reels spin, you will see lots of symbols and images appear before you. Expect to find highly stylized and beautiful letters detailed with gold scrollwork. You will also see spell books, melting candles, various tarot cards and other symbols you will recognize.

Play to Win

Do you feel that winning is in your future? This game has 10 fixed pay lines that give you lots of different ways to win and many winning combinations. Wild slots appear on the reels from time to time, making it even easier for you to win. When wild symbols appear, you have the chance to increase your payout many times over.

The Design

The look of this game will catch your attention right away. Shades of purple and blue fill up the screen while you're playing. You will also see lots of beautiful gold accents. Candlelight brightens up the entire game, appearing throughout the background and on the reels while you're playing.

Making Your Own Destiny With Tarot Destiny Slots

Is it your destiny to play this slots game? Look for Tarot Destiny Slots anywhere you can find online casinos. This is a highly popular slots game, so any online casino that carries slot game titles is likely to have this one, too.