Merlin's Riches Slots

The legends of King Arthur and the knights of the round table come alive with Merlin's Riches Slots. This game honors the legendary tales of King Arthur that have captivated so many minds over generations of different stories. You will be immersed in that world and you will find all sorts of familiar images in this classic slot game, which has a very familiar look and gameplay mechanic for all those who have spent time playing slots in the past.

The Mechanics

Merlin's Riches has a very classic look, with a standard five-reel slots game board. There are four rows on the board. The reels contain symbols and images that draw the eye and definitely evoke that look that is associated with the Arthurian legend.

The story of the game is that you are assisting Merlin to find the treasures of King Arthur's kingdom. Will you find them?

The Extra Features

Merlin's Riches has a classic slots game look with familiar mechanics that all slots players will recognize. However, there are extras that help to set this game apart.

When you enter the bonus round, the game board suddenly and drastically changes. An entire row disappears and you get three free spins to look for bonus symbols. The payout multiplier also increases, which can potentially put more money in your pocket.

You can also win up to 10 free spins through the free game feature. Trigger the gamble feature and you might get up to 50 free spins, which is a whole lot of winning opportunities.

The Look of the Game

Merline's Riches is filled with gorgeous images. Highly stylized letters and numbers fill the board, along with dragons, swords in stones and heroes from the legend of King Arthur also appear on the board. The colors are beautiful. You will see shades of silver and gold, soft blues and bold reds filling up the screen.

Playing Merlin's Riches

Use the auto-spin feature or spin the reels one at a time to see if you can win. The speed of the reels can be adjusted at the gamer's choosing as well. This gives you a little bit of control.

Where Can You Play This Game?

Where can you find Merlin's Riches? Look for this slots game at online casinos of all kinds. Any online casino offering new slots games are a good place to start hunting for all the treasures you can find with Merlin's Riches.