Neon Wheel 7s Slots

Casinos are designed with all kinds of different, wild themes. The games inside the casino have a lot of wild, wacky, fun themes as well. You might see designs and images from Japan, ancient Egypt or the U.S. all right together in one place at the casino. But even with all these different themes and colors and designs, there are certain images and styles that are distinctly Las Vegas. These familiar graphics and colors were used to create Neon Wheel 7s Slots. Players will recognize the distinctive look of Las Vegas every time they play this game.

Designing the Game

Neon Wheel 7s Slots is full of bright colors. The background of the game board is full of lights and shades of bright blue and purple. The reels are covered with the familiar graphics you expect to see in Las Vegas. The lucky number 7, bar symbols and wild card slots. It all has that look of classic Vegas but with a very modern design that truly lights up the screen.

Playing the Slots

Slots games feel like they've been around for ever because they're even older than the city of Las Vegas itself. The slots have been popular for over a century and they are the most popular game at every casino. People flock to the slots machines when they go to the casino.

Neon Wheel 7s Slots has a classic five-reel design with three rows that may line up just right to give you a big payout.


While this game has a lot in common with classic slots games and similar mechanics, there are lots of little extras and features that make Neon Wheel 7s stand out. You could stumble across many multipliers that increase your winnings. The scatter symbols might trigger a bonus wheel game, which gives players the chance to win big multipliers and free spins.

Playing to Win

There are many ways to play this slots game. Adjust the speed to your liking, change your bet or set the reels to auto-spin for you so you can watch the action unfold on the screen. Neon Wheels 7s Slots has a bright design, a lot of winning combinations and plenty of little extras and additions that make this game stand out from other slot games you can find out there.

Where Can You Find Neon Wheel 7s Slots?

Look for this slots game at any online casino that carries slots. You'll find slots games at most online casinos because that's the game everyone wants to play. Because Neon Wheels 7s Slots has such a classic look and so many ways to win, it's a favorite among slots players. Look for it at all online casinos and you will find it.