Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

Smart people always say that you should take time for the sweeter things in life. That you have to practice self-care. Well, Sweet 16 Blast! Slots is all about the sweeter things in life. This game is designed with pretty and pleasing colors, it's made for fun gameplay and it even comes with the additional bonus that you might win real money. How sweet is that?

The Gameboard

Sweet 16 Blast! Slots plays like a regular, standard slots game. However, this game has a different sort of look to it that makes it unique even among other types of slot games. The game board itself has six reels and five rows, which leaves a whole lot of space for winning combinations to happen.

The game board has a look to it that's more like a digital phone game than a traditional slots game. This gives Sweet 16 Blast! a very modern, polished look. This is not your grandparents' slot game.

The Colors

This game is designed to be absolutely beautiful. It's made with soft colors and a look that captures and holds the attention.

On the screen, you will see multicolored pieces of candies and treats in lively shades of gold, pink, purple, orange and blue. The overall design is delightful and just looks fun, which is what you want in a game.

The Ways You Can Win

When matching symbols line up on the game board, you win. This is a basic rule of slots and it's true for pretty much any and all slots games you might play. This is also true for Sweet 16 Blast! Slots but there are also extra ways to win when you play this game.

You can also get scatter symbols, which trigger free spins. If you get multiplier symbols during your free spins, you can win much bigger than average payouts. The money you win can be multiplied by up to 100 times. That's a lot of winning possibilities.

How to Win Big

You can also activate free games while you're playing this slots game. This means that new scatter symbols are added to the reels. In a digital slot game like this one, players can enjoy all sorts of perks and features and animations and extras that you won't find with physical slot machines. After the new scatter symbols appear, the bonus bet feature gets activated so you can bet more money and get an even bigger payout.

Where Can You Play Sweet 16 Blast! Slots?

Sweet 16 Blast! Slots is designed to be played across multiple devices, from your PC to your cell phone. This means the game is highly accessible. Find this slots game at online casinos of all kinds. Look for online casinos that have newer slots games and you will find Sweet 16 Blast! Slots.