Box 24

If you've landed on the Box 24 Casino site already, you will know all about the slot games, table games, video poker games, and specialty titles waiting to be played there. But bingo? That wasn't included in the mix, was it?

No, it wasn't… until just recently. Box 24 Casino is among a handful of casinos that have just added new bingo games to their gaming collection. The design of this site puts the menu on the far left, and you will see bingo appearing as a new option within the menu.

Since this is so new, we cannot tell whether it will be a hit among players. However, we can reveal some of the features you can enjoy if you decide to play Box 24 Bingo today.

Dip into a variety of bingo rooms

Whatever sort of bingo games you like, you will find them at Box 24. Perhaps the Eclipse Room, coming soon to Box 24, will be your ideal place. The Supernova Room is also set to launch soon.

Other games are based around coins. That means you could go for Quarter Bingo or maybe the Dollar Bingo room if you prefer. There is even a nickels bingo variation you could try if you're feeling lucky. Point is, there is something here for every budget.

Games based on famous TV series

Which series would you like to see bingo games based around? If Game of Thrones came to mind you're in luck - this is one of the newest bingo games to be added to Box 24. You will also get an opportunity to play Desperate Housewives bingo. Whoever thought you'd have the chance to do that?

Watch out for the potential for other bingo games to become available too. There's a great selection for starters, but Box 24 Bingo might just surprise us with more new additions in time as well.

Enjoy connecting with other bingo players on the site too

Whenever you play slots or casino games, you're playing the computer. There isn't usually a way you can connect with other people playing the same games. That's not true with the new suite of bingo games though.

Box 24 has added a chat facility to the site that means you can say hi to other bingo players as you all enjoy the new games. What more could you ask for… other than to win some prizes maybe?