Online Wishes you a Happy Valentines Day

You show how much you care about your favorite people the entire year, but February has always been the month of the love and the appreciation of the words "I love you" seem to mean more during this month, and even more on the 14th. This is the reason why Online has launched some sweet and giving promotions this month, just to show the love they have for their loyal customers. The promos are simply wonderful, and there is a huge total of $56,000 in prizes just waiting for you to take a piece of.

Sweet Promotions!

This expression of love from Online to their players starts with the promo “We love our players” which consists of receiving an email with a gift and a trivia question. Online Bingo will be sending 250 emails each week from the 1st to the 14th with a $5 BB's gift along with a trivia question, and if you answer the question correctly, a $15 bonus will added to your balance. From February 1st-14th they will be running the Loyalty Lottery promotion. For every $25 deposited, you will receive a ticket for the lottery of love that will be raffled every Wednesday where 14 random winners will be receiving $25 BB's. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for the first 14 days of the month, the Dollar Room will be transformed into the Bingo Lovers Room, where you can win tonnes of prizes such as $5,000 PJP's, $500 Amazon Gift Cards, 2 for 1 cards and many more great prizes. On Valentine's Day, the love and the prizes overflow at Online Bingo with $14,000 PJP's and the “Love Ball” where you can win $25 in bonuses. The love and the fun carries on, and from the 15th-21st be part of the Love Carnaval by playing at the Fat Ball Weekly Event where you can win $50 bonus and many other prizes. You can also have lots of fun at the parade week, by chasing and collecting some hearts just like Cupid, and every time you collect two promotional hearts you can claim the $15 prize. With at least with one of the promotional hearts and one $25 deposit you qualify for the awesome Carnival Room where there's plenty on offer. There's a challenge for the VIP Lovers from the 20th-22nd, where you can win a ticket for a $500 Amazon Gift Voucher by collecting a candy and flowers patterns. To finish the month in style, play all night on the 28th at the $25,000 Carnival Room.