Exciting No Fools Tourney at Bingo Knights!

Bingo Knights is offering plenty of juicy promos this month, check out whats on offer in their very own April Showers. Join the No Fool's Tourney, where at the end of the month you have the chance to win big prizes. Every single player will receive some BB's (Bingo Bucks), because even if you don't win a game, then definitely someone in your team will do it and you will share the winnings. To be part of this exciting tourney, all you need to do to start with is to contact Live Help, and let them know in which of the four teams available you want to join. The four teams available are: Pranksters, Gansters, Jesters and Tricksters. As soon as you have picked your lucky team, what you need to do is to start playing at the Chocolate, Highroller and FoS Rooms. At the end of the month $1,500 will be split between the four teams like this: The first place will win the huge amount of $700, the second place will share between their team mates $500, the third place will receive the incredible amount of $200 and for the fourth place there is the fantastic amount of $100. And there's more, take a read of below to find out full details...

  • Lucky Number Raffle: Bingo Knights has picked a lucky number for the month, and every time you bingo on it, you will win an entry to the fabulous Lucky Number Raffle! You can be the lucky winner of this awesome raffle, where you will be taking home the incredible cash prize of $100.
  • Fool's Paradise: This promo at the Chocolate Room offers an awesome $50 guarantee all day long! And this fantastic online bingo site has set a smiley face as the April Fool pattern, and every time you bingo on it, you will qualify for the April Fool's Raffle. You would love to be the winner of this great raffle, as you can win the awesome unlocked cell phone Motorola Flipout MB511.
  • Home Run: By playing during the exciting Home Run week in the Chocolate Room, you have the chance to be the lucky winner of the cool Seiko Women's Le Grand Sport White Dial Watch, that will look just amazing on your wrist. The player with the most $50 guaranteed Baseball Diamond patterns wins, and that could be you!
  • Tax Cut: This promo is about another fantastic raffle, where Bingo Knights is giving away an appetizing Special Gourmet Gift Basket. In order to qualify into the Tax Cut Raffle, you need to play at the Chocolate Room from Tuesday April 16th to Monday April 22nd. And for every two bingos' on the Tax Cut Pattern, you will receive an entry.
  • Smash The Fly: You have the opportunity of winning one of the two huge guaranteed prizes of $250 each. Play at the Chocolate Room from Tuesday April 23rd to Tuesday April 30th, and bingo on the $50 guaranteed Dragon Fly and Fly Swatter patterns, to win a place on this fantastic Draw!