Progressive Online Bingo Jackpots

You've heard of progressive jackpots attached to some online slot games, I'm sure. But did you know you can also play for progressive bingo jackpots? The idea is the same - some bingo games have progressive pots that gradually get bigger as more people play. A small portion of each ticket bought is added to the overall pot and one lucky person will win the lot. If it isn't won in one game, it is usually rolled over and made available in the next game until someone wins it.

You might ask how big these progressive jackpots can get in bingo. The answer is it depends on the game. Some of them must be won when they reach a certain level. That means the odds of scooping it get better and better the closer it gets to that level. Make sure you're playing at the right time to stand a chance of hitting the jackpot!

In other cases, there is no limit to how high it can go. Some people have won life-changing amounts and have been delighted at their decision to play a bingo game. Could you soon be glad you chose a progressive bingo game to play too?