Caesars Buys into Bingo!

In the world of gambling you just will not get many bigger and better names than Caesars. Just the word conjures up images of Las Vegas and the glamour that inevitably goes with it. For many years now Caesars has been simply the place to visit on the strip for the best in casino action, the service and of course let's not forget the many sporting events it's thrown during its time. It may not be the most modern casino out there but it's still one of the brands that made Vegas what it is today. You wouldn't however automatically put the name Caesars with online bingo, but maybe that's about to change. Caesars has been quietly growing the online side of the business and Caesars interactive intends to pick up the pace a little in 2013. Caesars has announced its intentions to purchase the company Buffalo and offer their games on the sites that it already owns and this means that both Buffalo Bingo Blitz and Buffalo Bingo Rush are likely to get the Caesars treatment. Both games have been available for use on Facebook for over three years and have around 2.7 million active users, which makes them extremely attractive when considering a purchase, and sure to grab the attention of many larger companies. Caesars Interactive CEO Mitch Garber sates, "The Bingo Blitz business represents a unique opportunity for Caesars Interactive Entertainment to add to our portfolio of social and mobile game assets and to grow our market share across all interactive platforms".