Giant Fortunes Slots

The entire reason people gamble is the hope of finding a giant fortune. Is that what you will find with Giant Fortunes Slots?

Playing to Win

This is a slots game with classic game mechanics. It has five reels, three rows and 25 pay lines. This means symbols can line up along 25 different lines, which represent all the different ways for you to win. When the symbols line up in your favor, you have the chance to win some pretty huge payouts.

The Look of the Game

This game is beautifully stylized and gorgeous. The background of the game board looks like some sort of enchanted village. There is a lovely green meadow, a mountain in the background and soft colors all over. the reels themselves are filled with beautiful graphic symbols and images.

You will see letters and numbers that are highly stylized, detailed and drawn to perfection. There are gold coins, crystal orbs, trolls, wizards and more. The fantasy elements and beautiful detail and colors will draw you in and keep you captivated while you play this game. Classic fantasy imagery creates an absolutely stunning overall look. You will be battling wizards and winning within moments.

What's Different?

The mechanics of this slots games are highly familiar, with five spinning reels and three rows. The basic gameplay is the same as what you will find with other slots games. However, Giant Fortunes Spots has some little extras that make it a little bit different from other slots games.

Look for the mystery symbol. That will appear on the reels as a gem. But after the gem appears, it turns into a giant. The giant and the gems come with extra rewards, like free spins. Look for the mine cart, too. This is a scatter symbol that gives you even more bonuses and bigger payouts.

Making Your Own Magic

Play the game your way. You can adjust the speed, adjust your bet and even use the auto-play feature to make the reels spin around and around all on their own. You don't even have to click the button to get the reels to spin. Talk about earning passive income.

Looking for Giant Fortunes Slots

Find Giant Fortunes Slots at online casinos of all kinds. You will find this game anywhere you can find popular slots games. Spin the reels and see if you can find your fortune with this game.