Ghost Ship Slots

Many people have dreamed of sailing on the high seas. They have imagined the adventure and romance of living during the age of pirates. But remember, there are legends about the high seas. There are tales of ghost ships that appear at night. Ghost Ship Slots takes you into that world, challenging you to ride the waves of the high seas in search of treasure and bounty. You'll also find a lot of fun.

All Aboard

This slots game has a distinct look. The background is dark and mysterious, with plants growing against a night sky. The full moon rises above the game board, shedding some light on the symbols on the reels. Shades of green and glue fill up the screen, creating a look that brings the ocean to life.

The Design

The reels are filled with symbols that are associated with pirates and the sea. Letters and numbers are covered with seaweed, as if they have been under the water for a long time. You will also see treasure boxes, cannons, ships, mermaids and sometimes, a ghostly pirate.

Playing the Slots

Ghost Ship Slots is a five-reel slots game with three rows. This creates lots of possible winning combinations, so there are many different ways you can win. Change the speed, increase your bet, set the reels so that they will auto-spin on their own and see how many wins come up. With this game, you have control over how you play.

Ghost Ship

The Age of Pirates and the stories of ghost ships are incredibly familiar tales to most. Pirates have been seen often in movies and TV and video games because there's something thrilling and compelling about this page from the past. This game allows you to search for pirate treasure ad possibly even see ghostly pirates and ships. It's not quite the same as being on the ocean, but really being on a pirate ship was pretty uncomfortable.

It's more fun to play a game where you can win real money. The modern version of hunting for treasure with this game is much better than being a pirate way back in the day.

Where to Play Ghost Ship Slots

Ghost Ship Slots and games like it are at online casinos. Any online casino that has popular and new slots games will likely carry this title, along with lots o others. Find online casinos that have a lot of slots games and you'll find Ghost Ship Slots.