Brits Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. It is played in Bingo rooms, at Church socials and at birthday parties as well. Because of how easy it is to play and how fun and exciting it has the potential to be, online casinos have embraced it and variants of the game to include fast paced Bingo machines and multi-play Bingo games.

And now, the latest and greatest variant on the old classic is played on a website devoted to Bingo alone: Brits Bingo! This is a UK only website and game, but the potential for extended hours of exciting and rewarding Bingo play is huge.

Celebrity Bingo

Brits Bingo not only has great games, but now they have first class celebrity endorsements to back them up. Pro rugby star, Gavin Henson and actress and professional ballroom dancer, Katya Virshilas, both most recently of Strictly Come Dancing fame, have lent the weight of their popularity to Brits Bingo as celebrity spokespeople. They are a great combination of spokes-models for Brits Bingo - Gavin, hero of the manly-man set, demonstrates that Bingo, at least in its online incarnation, is an acceptable activity for the boys, whilst the beautiful Katya demonstrates enthusiasm for the game as a young attractive woman. These two are truly putting their reputations on the line for Brits Bingo, but it is a safe bet for them, as this site provides a truly top-notch playing experience.

Bingo Chat

One of the great features of Brits Bingo is the chat line! Players have the option of meeting new online friends, or networking with their real-life friends, while playing. Because it is a live game against other live players, there is great opportunity to meet and chat with all manner of new people who share a common interest of online Bingo.

Bingo Bucks

Brits Bingo does not require any sort of e-wallet service, just a credit card will suffice. The bonuses are big and are automatically awarded - 300% on the first deposit, plus daily cash giveaways of up to £1000. Play is as easy as clicking a button and it is much faster paced than typical Bingo parlor play. Players choose the game that they choose to participate in - and they log onto the game by pushing the "Play" button. There is no special download required.

Play is against other real people - not a computerized random number generator. When you log in, in advance of the game in which you choose to participate, there are hundreds of other players ready to go at the same time. The numbers then start coming up and play is fast and furious!

Make Tonight a Bingo Night!

Head over to the Brits Bingo site now and get registered and check out the game times that are most appealing to you. Then head on over tonight for hours of Bingo-tastic fun!