Serious Bingo fans have known about 123Bingo for quite some time, with their awesome real time bingo tournaments and easy-to-use interfaces, but that is not all that this great online casino is about. 123 Bingo has loads of great bonuses and a full selection of terrific casino games in addition to their well known bingo.

Bingo Bonuses

When players sign up, they get a $25 no-deposit bonus. This is a great way to test the waters on their dime! There is no deposit, no matching, just $25 of free play money. Players should be aware, however, that in order to cash out winnings from that initial $25, they will need to make an initial deposit of at least $20, and all cash outs are done in minimum amounts of $50. It really is free money, but there are a few rules to take it home. If, however, your goal is to seed your play money account, this is a great start.

Speaking of making an initial deposit, players who make their first deposit get a special 1000% bonus! That is instead of their usual 300% bonus. In addition to the awesome bonuses, they always have special promotions going. Currently, for example, players depositing $75 or more on Friday are automatically entered in a raffle to win $1000.

123Bingo Games

Bingo, bingo and bingo are the well known specialties of 123Bingo! That, however, is not the end of the 123Bingo story. They have slots, keno, slots, table, slots, card, table and specialty games too! And did we mention slots? For a casino that admittedly specializes in bingo, 123Bingo features an amazingly large collection of great quality and unusual casino games, and for the slot player, they have games that are not typically seen at other casino properties.

123Bingo Slots

Though these games are not one of the big slot designer products, they are easy to use and understand, and they are super reliable. Their layout is very familiar and intuitive to use, and they are fun, different games. Here are a few not to be missed:

Citrus 7s - This is a variant on the ever-popular traditional fruit themed game. Fitting with the fruit theme, this is a very traditional single payline, three-reel game. Traditional, however, does not mean dull! This is a fun game with easy returns and a big 2500 coin jackpot!

Hollywood Reels - This game has a silly, old-timey Hollywood theme, with clap boards and monocled directors and megaphones. The game itself is a 5 reel, 9 payline bonus game with a really fun bonus round and loads of wildcards and scatter symbols to keep things interesting.

Trolling For Treasures - Leveraging the always popular seafaring theme, Trolling For Treasures uses nautical themes in addition to undersea treasures as its symbols. This is a great bonus slot with wild cards and scatter symbols and a 10,000 coin major jackpot.

Slot Tournaments? At 123Bingo?

Absolutely! 123Bingo features constant slots tournaments. For slots players, there is nothing that adds to the joy of playing great slot games like tournament play, and 123Bingo has them aplenty. Here are a few facts about 123Bingo slots tournament play:

  • Deposit the fee to gain access to the tournament - this fee varies by the particular tournament and it buys your play stake.
  • Your fee is replaced by a set of chips that you play with, rather than a specific coin value.
  • The winner is the one who gets the most points (chips) with the specified number of chips given.
  • An alternate form of slot tournament that 123Bingo offers is one where players take a single pull: the player who wins the highest reward, winds the tournament!

Play 123Bingo Now!

This casino is a hidden gem for online slots fans. It has great, unusual games, and plenty of incentives to play. Get settled into your favorite gaming place, and get the reels spinning at 123Bingo now!