Digits 7 Casino

You know how some websites have flashing ads and things that poop up on you, lots of stuff that's moving and huge promotions that take up big portions of the screen? It's not like that at Digits 7 Casino. Here, everything is simple and easy to find. You can get right to the games you want to play and easily access all the features of the site...without all that nonsense.

The Simple Approach

Where other online casinos use a lot of sparkle and pizzazz and action and color, Digits 7 has a very soothing design and a simple color scheme that doesn't jump right out and try to grab your eyeballs. The layout is easy to navigate. And when it comes to stuff to do, you will have plenty of options at this online casino…but not so many that it becomes too much,

Keeping It Simple

Digits 7 maintains its simple theme in every aspect. Even the game selection is simple. This online casino focuses on the games people want to play, all those popular selections that are considered to be casino favorites. That means you'll find plenty of slots games. There are plenty of big jackpot games here, too.

Staying Classic

There's a selection of classic casino games at Digits 7, too. Blackjack and poker variations are available, along with roulette and keno. All the most popular casino games are here and they're all easy to find. This is a classic casino experience but without a ton of extras and without so many different options that you find yourself doing nothing at all but scrolling through a list of games, which definitely doesn't seem like any fun at all.

Stacking Your Chips

Make more out of your money with the promotions menu. This is where you will find deposit bonuses and chances for you to increase your chips. You might find free spin opportunities and other extras here, so it pays to take a look. The promotions change here frequently so get into the habit of seeing what's here so you always have access to the newest and latest offers.

Gambling at Digits 7 Casino

Digits 7 Casino is the no-fluff approach to gambling. The layout is simple and there aren't a lot of extras and additions to get in your way. The colors are soothing, the games are fun and it's easy to do the stuff you really want to do.