Lotto Race games have been available as play money on Facebook for a while now, in fact over one billion Lotto race games have been played, but the great news is that now, they are available as real money versions! This is awesome news for fast action, instant win Lotto fans. There's an outstanding choice of super fun games, and at Lotto Race, you are playing against other players to cross that line first, it's new, it's exciting and also offers a great social element on top.

Lotto Race Games

There's a great choice of games available at Lotto Race, and these quick lotto games give plenty of entertainment, with plenty of them free to enter. Games include the 30 Minute Blitz, The Daily £500, The Mini Draw, The Daily Freeroll, The Poker Race, Classic Race II, The Sunday £1,500, The £360 X-treme Race, The £135 Dash for Cash and the super fast £20 Head to Head. With entry prices starting at just 5p a game it's no wonder so many people are enjoying Lotto Race, the site where you play against other people, and not the casino.

How to Play at Lotto Race

Once signed up, you'll see that in the game area you are presented with choices of Instant Play and Tournaments, and you simply click on the tab of your choice. You'll then see games listed below and you join the one you would like to really is that simple. You'll find that the games are updated constantly and that with so many people playing, the games area is a very lively place to be. Lotto Race offers multi player games, and is therefore big on the social side of things, and many players love this aspect of the site. You may chat while you are playing games, chat privately with other members, find your Lotto Race friends and play against them, and also invite friends to play against you. It really is a whole lot of fun.

Guaranteed Winner in Every Game

Here are a few things you need to know about Lotto Race. Every single game has a winner, the game will not end until a winner is determined. All games pay 100% of the prize pool and lets you choose your own odds. You get to pick your own lines in each race and then you simply let the fun commence. Should you have any questions at all then Lott Race support is there to help you at any time. You'll also find a great array of banking methods, making it easier for you to both deposit and of course withdraw your Lotto Race winnings. Lotto Race is growing by the day, and many of its Facebook followers are now playing these real money games, and all you need to do is get signed up and join them.