Pro Wager Systems Bingo Software

Pro Wager Systems are a software development company that service the online casino, poker and now bingo. Based in Canada this reputable supplier has been in the industry since 1998 and its games have been played by millions of players around the globe. They offer both real money and fun money games. The awesome bingo software has so many features and is a popular choice for many online bingo rooms. Pro Wager Systems are the backbone that provide many off the bingo games that players just love to play. They offer the bingo room the technology and then the online bingo room goes to work and makes it fun. It's like they take all the boring stuff out of it and the creative teams go to work designing and building the colorful and entertaining games you just love to play.

Great Pro Wager Features

There are so many built in features that help bingo lover enjoy their favorite games. They offer a full suite of games including 75, 80, 90 and even 30 ball bingo along with those amazing progressives jackpots you can't wait to win. They create the leader boards that tell you who's on top of their game and you know those chat games and smileys you enjoy....yep, that's Pro Wager too. All those things that you don't need to worry about like games scheduling, chats, classic, coverall and pattern games are all taken care of, they even provide the sound effects and music! We just thought we'd let you know who they were and that they are constantly working on improving their offering so that bingo rooms around the world just keep getting better and better.